Vladislav Cotici

Cotici Vladislav Picture

works in the field of food hygiene and safety and safety and organization of official control for last 10 years.

He conducted official surveillances/controls on compliance with the requirements for hygiene and safety of food of animal origin on the entire food chain including abattoirs, processing companies (of meat, milk and fish), networks of wholesale and retail trade, cold storage warehouses on the national (in the Republic of Moldova) and the international (in Hungary, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russian Federation and Turkey) levels.

Actively participated, in the strong cooperation with the relevant subdivisions of different ministries, in the process of elaboration of normative legal acts and regulations applicable in the field of food safety.

Being in the position of the director of PE Republican Centre for Veterinary Diagnosis, he was responsible and have implemented the ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 Standard “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories” at the Laboratory of attempts of foodstuffs of animal origin which subsequently has been accredited by RENAR (Romania) and the National Accreditation Centre MOLDAC (Moldova).

Vladislav Cotici has a University Degree in Veterinary Medicine Faculty from the Agrarian State University of Moldova.