CPM Consulting - Leader of Consortium


CPM Consulting (CPMC) is a privately owned sole entrepreneur Management Consulting company founded 1992 in Austria and managed by Mr. Christian Putzer. Mr. Putzer holds a university degree in International Business Administration of University of Innsbruck, Austria and specialized in International Marketing, production management, intercultural and export management.

Its core business is business development in foreign markets in Western Europe, CEE, SEE and EaP (Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine), Russia and USA, Canada.

The main task are to select, evaluate and choose new export markets for SME companies, to set up market entry strategies together with management and implement the Export-, Marketing- Sales-Strategies in select countries. Besides this the company also acts as interim-management companies for the implementation phase during first 2-3 years. This also comprises matchmaking process with first importing companies in target countries, evaluate potentials, select and assign importing companies, agents, sales staff to facilitate the market development. CPMC is an accredited Consulting company to consult start-up companies from the scratch to full implementation of business processes. Additionally this also includes intercultural trainings for staff from exporters and also new customers (importers) in target markets. Organizing fairs and exhibitions, sales meetings, contract negotiations, set up and implement sales and advertising strategies together with Public Relations and Advertising agencies.

CPMC customers are SME – Small and medium sized companies form different industries such as Machine industry, food and beverage industries, wood industries, excavator and agribusiness industries, cosmetics and glass industry.

Mr. Putzer is also board member of the Austrian Management Consulting associations within the Austrian Economic Chamber of commerce.

During the last 22 years he established the incite GmbH in Austria, which acts as the accredited institute by ICMCI – International Council of Management consulting institutes and which is entitled also to certify the international recognized CMC – Certified Management Consultants certificate. This incite GmbH will also act as the certification institution for this RFP- candidates from Moldova.

Mr. Putzer is also holding seminars for management consultants in Austria, Germany, CEE-countries etc. to prepare participants to their CMC-certification. He either acts as a tutor & Coach for participants or he acts as a member in the CMC-certification body in Austria.