Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Transdniestra


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Transnistria began operating January 19, 1996 as Public Organization “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of PMR“. Since October 8, 2002 the “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Transnistria” is registered as a non-profit partnership. It is the largest public organization in Transnistria uniting businesses and entrepreneurs, who represent all sectors of the economy of the country.

The main objective of the ССI of Transnistria is promoting economic development of Transnistria, its integration into the world economic system, the establishment of modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructure, creation of favorable conditions for business activity, the regulation of entrepreneurs’ relations with their social partners, the full development of all types of businesses, the development of relations between entrepreneurs of Transnistria with foreign businessmen.

The structure of the CCI includes several departments that provide a wide range of professional services:

  • Property evaluation department
  • Expertise and certification department
  • Foreign economic activity department
  • Department of investment, leasing and consulting
  • Small business support department
  • Business School
  • Legal department
  • Advertising and publishing department.

The CCI of Transnistria has the main office in Tiraspol and three branch offices in Bendery, Dubossary and Rybnitsa. Today the Chamber provides a wide range of professional services, including consultations on foreign trade and market assessment, provides an independent goods examination. The Chamber provides Transnistrian and foreign entrepreneurs with business and legal information, organizes conferences, exhibitions in Transnistria and abroad. From 2008 the Business School of CCI organizes seminars, trainings, educational courses on different essential subjects, on creating and running business for beginning entrepreneurs, top managers, the mid-level managers and owners of existing business.

During the 22 years of the CCI activity 178 enterprises and organizations of Transnistria became members of the Chamber, among them leading companies of the Republic: CJSC “Cuchurgan power station”, JSC “Metallurgic Plant”, CJSC “Tirotex”, CJSC “Tiraspol-based distillery KVINT”, Public enterprise CJSC Electromash plant, JSC “Litmash”, CJSC Moldavcable plant, CJSC “Floare”, “Comfoshoes” Ltd., CJSC Shoe factory Tighina, CJSC Odema named after Valentina Solovyova, CJSC Garment factory Vestra, Trade and industry limited company Intercenterlux, CJSC Tiraspol bakery, CJSC Bender meat factory, OJSC Ribnita milk factory, LCC Bender factory of starch products and others.

The Chamber’s prestige, nongovernmental status and simultaneous lobbying of interests of all business circles in the government bodies make membership in the Chamber highly advantageous. Apart from this, services provided by the Chamber make it a good assistant for business people on both domestic and foreign markets.

CCIP is actively cooperating with the legislative, executive and judicial authorities on entrepreneurship support and development. For most of the bills that directly affect the interests of entrepreneurs, the Chamber has presented expert opinions not only to the Supreme Council, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finances, but also stepped in the work on legal acts from the "zero cycle".

Currently, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Transnistria is a full-fledged member of the World Chambers Federation at the International Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the business council of the International Black Sea Club.

To solve its statute tasks and professionally hold activities, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Transnistria is closely collaborating with the executive agencies such as the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the State Customs Committee, State administrations of towns and districts of the Republic, as well as with foreign Embassies, and with other government and business structures.


  • Development of the foreign economic activity
  • Promotion of quality goods improvement
  • Development of Business Education
  • Small business promotion and support