BCI - Business Consulting Institute (Partner of Consortium)


Business Consulting Institute (BCI) represents a consulting organization with a multidisciplinary portfolio of consulting services and over 16 years of experience on the Moldovan consultancy market. The extensive profile of specialization of the organization covers a wide range of know-how tools in business development planning, project development, training organization and delivery, start-up business development, elaboration of feasibility studies, strategic planning, auditing, various researches, and a wide range of other development services for public and private sectors of the national economy and a wide expertise in financial and operational improvements and corporate development.

BCI’s mission is to direct the efforts of professional consultants in the implementation of modern methods of public and private business administration, to contribute to improving central and local administration in the context of structural changes in the Republic of Moldova.

BCI’s extensive profile of specialization covers a wide range of know-how tools and other development services for public and private sectors of the national economy, having a wide expertise in operational and financial improvements and in the provision of capacity building activities and organizational management being experienced in identifying and meeting training needs through both formal and informal training, or through on-the-job transfer of skills. The expertise of the BCI consists in projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova and includes involvement in public administration reforms, strategic planning and institutional development for both public and private institutions.

BCI has substantial knowledge and experience in all areas of structural reforms for the improvement of the investment climate, having extensive experience in elaboration business plans, investment attracting strategies and measures. We also have the reputation of highly effective, reliable and flexible project management gained through our numerous technical projects regionally and in Moldova.

BCI has an acknowledged reputation in developing projects and economic strategies of urban and sub-urban areas, as well as national and cross-border regions, and benefitted from a wide range of donor programs, funded by international organizations and institutions such as UNDP, EU, World Bank, EBRD, USAID, Soros Foundation, IFAD, as well as by governmental institutions of Moldova.

The following listing presents the most representative services provided:

  • Business Consulting: feasibility Studies and Business Plans, Market Studies, Investment Attraction Strategies, Grant programs.
  • Training organization and delivery for business start-ups, for LPA representatives, in public management, for public servants and civil society representatives in project cycle management, for experts of regional agribusiness centers in business planning, and marketing, green economy.
  • Project Management: for Cross-Border Cooperation Program, Regional Development, Waste Management and Community Development.
  • Strategic Planning: Regional Development Strategies; Strategy for Fiscal Decentralization; Socio-economic Development Plans for Communities and Towns; Chisinau and Ungheni Master Plan.

BCI has recently implemented several projects in entrepreneurial development with award of grants to beneficiaries. More than 50 people, especially women from rural areas, were assisted in developing of the investment applications and later assisted in the implementation of their business idea.

We have assessed women’s needs from the rural area of Moldova elaborating the Study on economic opportunities for rural women in Moldova/UNIFEM WEE program (UNDP, 2011) and also implemented several projects directed towards women economic empowerment by facilitating their access to lending schemes (Support The Innovative Use Of Remittance In Productive Rural Investment, IFAD, 2010).

The BCI has the reputation of highly effective, reliable and flexible project management gained through our numerous technical projects regionally and in Moldova. We have handpicked some of our relevant experiences and included them in the section below.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTANCY PROJECTS FOR PRIVATE SECTOR The following projects include training component, elaboration of business plans and coaching schemes

  • Creation of Job Opportunities through Business Support for Youth in the Transnistrian region and the Security Zone (EU-UNDP, 2015-2017)
  • Promoting entrepreneurship in developing rural areas (Estonian MFA, 2014-2016)
  • Provision of comprehensive training, coaching, grants and on-going consulting services to women and men willing to initiate or expand current business (UNDP, 2014 – 2015)
  • Trainings on business plan writing for women and men from target communities (UN Women, 2014)
  • Strategies for joint tourism marketing and development in the Black Sea region (EC, 2014)
  • Competitiveness enhancement through human synergy in the border region (EC, 2013-2014)
  • Balti Trolleybus Company - Public Transport Twinning Partnership (EBRD, 2013-2014)
  • Feasibility Studies for the establishment of the Industrial Parks in Orhei, Edinet, Hancesti, Cantemir Towns (UNDP, 2010)
  • EAST INVEST Capacity building for enhanced economic cooperation and investment (EC, 2010-2013)
  • Feasibility study for the establishment of a business incubator in Larga Commune (ACED/USAID, 2012)
  • Chisinau Water Supply & Sewage Treatment: Feasibility Study (EBRD, 2010-2012)
  • Support the innovative use of remittance in productive rural investment (IFAD, 2010-2012)
  • Restructuring Teleradio Moldova (UNDP, 2011)
  • Study of the market of petroleum products in the Republic of Moldova (Rompetrol, 2011).