Serghei Cobuscean

Born and graduated from the school during the Soviet Union period. University graduated in the 90s. The acquired personal experience created a strong character combined with a curiosity for everything new, personal integrity based on personal experience, the knowledge and assessment of the surrounding through the prism of individual and universal authority.

Professional experience is based on a long journey, mostly in the private sector, in different activities, which further evolved in the field of business consultancy.

The practice in international and local companies has allowed me to develop a multi-faceted professional capacities, which allowed for undertaking the development and completion of projects in areas such as power generation, real estate, quality management, energy efficiency, business planning.

Participation in projects financed by the European Union, created the basis for the development of additional professional and personal experience, developing new knowledge and skills. The experience gained through successes and failures, allows me to take responsibility for the decisions, proposals, opinions and personal involvement.

My outgoing character allows to create and to maintain professional and personal relationships, while respecting the main consultant rules: impartiality, equanimity, reasoned opinion and the open mind.