Popa Vitalie Vasile

Vitalie has considerable experience in implementing multiple consultancy processes, training programs and various researches for companies and organizations working in the following areas: banking, telecommunications, trade and distribution, non-profit sector.

Vitalie started as a consultant in 1998 by offering training programs for the personnel of various non-profit organizations. He studied and benefited from various internships in Great Britain (2003-2004), United States (2006), and Germany (2003) and obtained PG Diploma in Management and Leadership from Leeds Metropolitan University, England (2003-2004).

Vitalie has been involved as a consultant for various international projects in Austria (2004-2006), Azerbaijan (2002, 2016), Georgia (2002, 2016), Romania (2003-204), Russia (2001) and Ukraine (2002). In 2003 Vitalie launched the consultancy company AXA Management Consulting and, during these years, contributed to the implementation of ьщку ерфт 500 consultancy, training and research projects for local and international companies, international institutions and development agencies: ILO, UNDP, UNICEF , World Bank, etc.

In 2009, Vitalie has been certified by The Blanchard Companies (www.coaching.com) for delivering executive coaching projects for top management representatives of various companies from Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Russia and Hungary.

Vitalie is the author of over 20 publications, including a book in the area of organizational development. He has also developed materials for various training programs in areas such as Human Resource Management, Managerial Skills Development, Leadership, etc.