Specific Background

The work carried out by the SCBM Programme since 2009 revealed that enterprises on both sides (especially on the left bank of the Nistru river) require additional support and orientation in improving their competitiveness, positioning on local and foreign markets; building and consolidating relationships of cooperation and experience sharing with counterparts from the other bank, as well as sustainability of results achieved within the project.

Therefore, it is essential to have trained experts, able to drive enterprise-trading performance, to support economic development and better internationalization of the company.

Recent research shows that most of the Business Service Providers in the region are more oriented to provide general business services (related to information provision and awareness creation, advocacy and support to capacity building of the associations, research studies and business plans, management and marketing support, as well as coaching and organization of different trainings) and few of them are providing or would be able to provide services that would help producers to improve their management systems, food safety, social accountability, prepare the management systems for certification, in order to mitigate the risks related to dependence on one market and for export enhancement.

Recognizing that the competitiveness improvement and business development are among the key common issues of interest for the cooperation of business sector of both banks of the river, the SCBM Programme aims to capitalize on the outcomes already achieved at the previous stages, and support further confidence building initiatives, encourage synergies between business consultants and experts, companies on both banks of the Nistru River, as well as contribute to capacity strengthening on the local level to consolidate consultancy market for competitiveness enhancement and future development support and interventions.