Key Activities

1. Information Seminar for potential and selected participants to prepare them better for the training and to assist them in providing the required documents for the certification.

2. Training and Certification of the business consultants for the selected group of 20 experts, based on the international requirements and related international standards. The Courses combine theory and practice. The course and its modules are about the following topics:
a) Developing general skills to provide business consultancy services;
b) Approach to planning, implementing, monitoring, and improving consultancy services
c) Other topics, considered relevant for further certification as Business Consultants Each participant is also be helped to conduct or coach at least one (preferably 3) consultancy service effort for a company from Moldova/Transnistria.

3. One Study tours to study European practice in providing consultancy services in specific areas. The study tour will last 5 full days and will lead to Germany and Austria, where the Moldovan/Transnistrian consultants will have the opportunity to learn from the experienced consultancy companies about good practice in providing specific consultancy services.

4. Joint Closing Forum – The final point of the project will be a joint event involving 40-50 people, including the course participants (at this point all CMCs), and representatives of stakeholders, companies, to exchange views and experience from their practical perspective on business consulting. Forum provide a good platform for cooperation and linkages of enterprises and experts from both banks of the Nistru River and will enhance the future cooperation and exchange of experience between them. The Forum will also host experts on business consulting from Moldova, the EU and International organisations.