General Background

The Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (SCBM Programme) is funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP Moldova. The overall objective of the Programme is to contribute to an environment of trust and cooperation across the Nistru/Dniestr River generating new perspectives on shared interests and a shared future by people from both banks of the river while responding to their pressing development needs.


The current phase of the Programme (2015-2018) represents a framework for engaging in development interventions across the security zone on both sides of the Nistru/Dniestr River, comprising a series of activities that will strengthen, regularize, and intensify interaction between otherwise divided societies, aiming to establish this interaction as a norm. It looks to deal strategically with barriers to cooperation by building the trust towards such actions and broadening opportunities for engagement for a wide range of actors. Additionally, it provides support for improving critical community infrastructure.

Through its Business Development and Employment Opportunities Component, the SCBM Programme aims to support the common interests of business actors from both banks, by facilitating their cross-river component addresses comprehensively some of the key constraints faced by business and focuses heavily on creating sustainable cross-river partnerships and developing consulting services to improve joint competitiveness. Business to business interaction is sustained through supporting business cooperation networks and building local capacities for developing consulting services through training and certification of Business Consultants.

The SCBM Programme is undertaking a set of activities that would respond to immediate needs and contribute to the sustainable development of Business Service Providers (BSPs) and business-associations on both banks, as well as focus on development local capacities for providing qualitative consulting services.